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Danger Zone

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Please be aware of the following precautions before withdrawing. • Even if you rejoin with the same or a different account after withdrawal, your work history before withdrawal will not be recovered. • Images created using AI technology of Lasco.ai will be stored for anti-fraud tracking and will not be deleted upon withdrawal. • If you join the Discord server of Lasco.ai, you will remain a member even if you unsubscribe from the web service. • All free credits held at the time of withdrawal will be forfeited. • After withdrawal, member information will be stored for 6 months for prevention of rejoining by malicious users or anti-fraud purposes, and then immediately destroyed. • The following information will be stored for the period required by applicable laws and then immediately destroyed after withdrawal: • Login (visit) record: 3 months • Records of contracts or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years • Records of payment of fees and supply of goods: 5 years • Records of electronic financial transactions: 5 years • Records of consumer complaints or dispute resolution: 3 years • Records of collection/processing and use of credit information: 3 years